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PaiCome HideAway Resort

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Pai accommodation,guest houses and cottages will make your holiday trip more enjoyable.

Everyone works hard for a long time to earn money. To accrue the funds for their holiday of a lifetime. All need holiday vacations and holiday trips to enjoy their weekend or month end vacation and also to reduce the stress and relaxing themselves. To enjoy vacation every people want the best holiday trip and hotels to stay, then everyone can enjoy their holiday with full of joy and fun. Many people enjoy their vacation trip in abroad too.Pai town in Thailand is the wonderful place to enjoy the vacation trip with full of nature and beauty. It is the little town which is located in between the Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai. It is the dream world to visit for every traveler. Pai is filling with full of nature which is surrounded by endless mountains and there is chilling out of nature. It has three main and wonderful ways to visit which cannot neglected by the every travelers during their vacation trip in Pai city. Pai river which is cutting through the eastern part of the city, White River rafting and Bamboo rafting those are popular and are the best ways to reach Pai town. If anyone wants to stay there, mountain trekking or hiking is the wonderful options to enjoy. Pai sightseeing is fantastic which is surrounded by full of natural hot springs, mountains, waterfalls and villages side by side with nature.


By visiting Pai everyone can enjoy and forget about the stress and strains of everyday life, and all are enjoying completely with full of fun and joy. Pai offers the huge range of accommodation options, from the mountain and riverside cottages and guesthouses to a luxurious stay at your accommodation Pai. Pai accommodation is provided many of the hotels in Pai with full of tranquil facilities and full of nature with riverside hotel rooms. To stay and enjoy the vacation, all visitors should have to select the best Pai hotels to stay. Then only they can enjoy their trip and beautiful Pai sightseeing to the optimum. Most travelers want simply with nice and clean room and enjoyable environment with Pai natural places. Pai has fabulous accommodations with full facilities, and it has riverside hotels and cottages which are the charming resorts of Pai, in Thailand. This resorts are peaceful with full of nature and tranquil place of riverside of Pai and scenery of mountain. All hotels in Pai Accommodation are originally and fully located in riverside or in mountain scenery or covered by umbrellas of trees and plants or located besides waterfalls , your Pai accommodation in a relaxing and peaceful environment.


Pai is a pretty and fabulous place to visit and enjoy the vacation and no one should miss the opportunity to go to Pai town which is located in Thailand. Thailand is a wonderful place and in  Pai town is a natural looking and tranquil place to visit and enjoy and there are many stunning places to see and enjoy. Especially for the newly married couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon in abroad, this Pai city is the best choice to enjoy their honeymoon trip with full of fun, joy and nature. No one miss the waterfalls in Pai such as Mae Yen waterfall, Mor Paeng waterfall which are the most popular and most enjoyable big waterfalls in Pai city. Mid November is the best season to visit Pai city with full of nature and full of rivers and waterfalls. Pai has a wonderful views and scenery, and it is the best place to see sunrise and sunset. In the Pai city mountain, the sunrise and sunset are clearly viewed in every day. Pai has an 80 degrees Celsius of heat every month. But in mid November, there it is cooler and it is the best time of the year to visit.

Mon Fah Pai Cottages (ร้าน ม่อนฟ้าปาย)


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Pai hotels are providing excellent cottages and guesthouses with full accommodation facilities. There are many online booking facilities of the cottage and guesthouses in Pai. Many companies are providing the online booking facilities with excellent riverside cottages and with lower prices. is one of the websites who provides the online guesthouse and cottage booking facilities for Pai accommodation. They provide booking services of villa style hotels, upper class hotels, resort style cottages, backpacker hotels according to the visitor’s requirement. They provide full information about Thailand and Pai town who are the first time visitors of Pai city to know about the excellent natural look of that city. And it is also attracting the many visitors with its full of nature and peaceful environment. Because many people want to stay with full of peace and want to enjoy the tranquil trip. For those types of visitors,

Pai is a beautiful place to enjoy and Pai accommodation are providing those full facilities for them. Pai has many places of worship to visit such as Ta Pai temple, Klang Temple, Wat Klang, Num Hoo Temple, Wat Tha Pai and Huay Nam Dung National park, Pai Memorial Bridge and many places. These temples are the historical places of Pai city, and it has a long history of Pai ancient kingdoms. These are the very memorable places of Pai and many hotspots of Pai to visit. Pai hotels are providing excellent facilities to the visitors with better hospitality. They have maintained their hotels and cottages very clean and fresh that can be liked by every visitor. In the seasonal months, the number of visitors of Pai city will be increased, and every hotel in Pai has the competition around them to attract the more visitors. To attract the visitors the hotels owners are often changing the look and feel of their cottages and guest houses and keep their work place neat and clean and also offer more additional facilities including airport facility too. It is the best way to attract visitors, and they offer a price reduction in seasonal months and for the often visitors.


Getting To Pai Accommodation

By road


Route 1095 which connects Pai with Mae Hong Son (50 km as the crow flies, but approximately 110 km by road) and Chiang Mai (135 km) is a very scenic route through the mountains which takes about 3 to 4 hours  (but is worth it). It’s a steep and winding drive, with 762 curves between Chiang Mai and Pai, so for the non hardy traveler take a plastic bag and some motion-sickness pills if you need them.

By motorcycle


Route 1095 is not as bad as people make it out to be. There isn’t much traffic and you can hear the cars and trucks coming. If you’re a little adventurous you could rent a motorcycle in Chiang Mai and make the ride up to Pai. You can stop along the way at the waterfalls and small towns.  Make sure to take some warmer clothing on your bike, as it tends to get a bit chilly in the higher portions of the ride. As a novice rider, expect the trip to take around 5 or 6 hours, including stops at sites and restaurants along the way.But do wear the necessary safety gear, helmets etc!

By bus


Buses and mini-buses go to Chiang Mai (Arcade station) and Mae Hong Son. Regular public buses take around 4 hours and charge around 75 baht; The privately-operated mini-buses take around 3-4 hours. There is often a 15 minute rest stop at the small half-way village of Mae Sae, which has very good Northern sausages, seasonal fruits, and traditional curries and soups available as well as snacks, drinks (excellent coffee!) and importantly, well-serviced toilets {3 baht}.  Tickets are consistently 150 baht here, the buses are well-serviced and fitted with better quality brakes appropriate for the 762 unforgettable curves that carve their way across the beautiful mountain range.

By plane


Kan Airlines operates flights between Chiang Mai and Pai in a twelve seater Cessna Caravan. The frequency varies with demand according to the season so you need to check schedules carefully. Flying time is 25 minutes. Passengers can make reservations and purchase tickets through the airline website, their call centres, or with a travel agent.